Innocent Ice Cream

May 9, 2018
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Located in Little Mountain, Innocent Ice Cream offers an array of inspired vegan and classic dairy ice cream flavours served in a cone, cup or squashed between two freshly baked, gluten free cookies.

Innocence and ice cream are a pair of words that belong together. First memories of trying to keeping up with the lick-to-melt ratio of an impossibly balanced tower of frozen goodness. Mom and dad eyeing your progress, ready to intervene with a rebalancing lick or two, preventing the doomsday scenario of a Rorschach ice cream pattern on the sidewalk.

Memories are waiting to be made at the newly opened Innocent Ice Cream nestled in the heart of Little Mountain. Founder, Asacia Biln and her daughter put the space together with a clear mission of offering premium ingredients and flavours inspired by global travels, a background in health and nutrition, and a desire to make sweet and delicious ice cream goods gluten and vegan friendly.

And if you are lucky, you might run into Memphis, the furry self-appointed founder, creative director and CEO of Innocent Ice Cream. He is a 57 year old man trapped in the body of an eight-year-old Boston Terrier. In between naps and patrons crushing on his good looks, he spends time picking on dogs that are much larger and younger.  You may recognize him as the face on the logo.


The weather is warming up, and we all need a sweet treat from time to time. Now you can feel good about putting ice cream in your belly because Innocent Ice cream has animal friendly options, is gluten free and has a community minded vibe and feel.

We’ll be there devouring an ice cream sandwich with Memphis.