Do The KIND Thing

June 24, 2018
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KIND bars are the conscious way to go, for go-to snacks, when on-the-go.

Your rush out the door in the morning just got better. KIND brings a new line of whole grain bars, granola cluster blends and pressed fruit bars to the breakfast table — so you can keep up your daily momentum mindfully.

You’ve seen them on the streets and in the stores and have probably indulged in the Almond Sea Salt & Dark Chocolate bar once or twice or, more realistically, every chance you could get. Totally allowed. They roll with only non-GMO sources and outcast all artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols. Fact: you’re doing your body good.


Snacks should kick ass — literally — by keeping energy levels high, blood sugar levels at bay, boost metabolism and/or fulfill a nutrient need. Bad news is, most options out there lack nutrient density, satiety, quality and function. Mindful eating can be difficult for you busy bees bustling to the next stop on your jam-packed schedules. Good new is, KIND does it for you using its conscious bar blending skills.

Truth is, kids even love this stuff. Pack it in their lunch boxes or sneak it into their morning cereal. You may as well throw one in your purse, your gym or yoga bag and keep a few others stashed in your car or desk drawer. Forgetting you put them away to find them later will make you feel pretty pumped, so treat yourself with KINDness.


The most difficult task lies in choosing which flavour to savour. The solution? Just try them all, pick your favourites and then you’re off to the races (maybe even a real one). To kick start your KIND experience, grab a Pressed by Kind for 2 full servings of fruit or a Breakfast Bar for 5-8 grams of protein. You’ll definitely hit your daily fibre quota with any KIND you choose. You can’t lose.