Limited Edition Cherry Blossom Buns For Sakura Season

April 19, 2018
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Grounds for Coffee has limited edition cherry blossom cinnamon buns available for pre-order and in store from April 20 – 22.

Few sights inspire salivation as instantly as warm, gooey, cinnamon buns fresh out of the oven. When we heard that Grounds for Coffee decided to offer up their mouthwatering buns with a seasonal twist, we loaded the kids in the car and picked up a six pack of buns with all the cherry blossom fixings.

Sticky buns, kids on a sugar high and hot coffee being doled out can be a recipe for disaster, so we decided to head home to enjoy our treat.

Peep the video here:

Grounds for Coffee has been selling its cinnamon buns, which are still made by hand with locally-sourced ingredients, to locations across B.C. and Alberta, for nearly a quarter century. That’s a long time! The coffee is hot and the space is cozy and vibe is friendly, making it a popular spot for locals, students and folks looking for a place to relax (which is why we took the kids home to devour our buns, you’re welcome).


You can pre-order the Cherry Blossom Buns directly at  604-224-5282. Prices are the same as the regular buns: $3.95 for a single, $13.80 for four, and  $17.70 for six. Buns can be picked up at  2565 Alma St, Vancouver, BC.