Winter Cheer in a Mason Jar

December 16, 2016
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It’s beginning to look a lot like…

It’s that time of the year when the house is filled with the sweet smell of gingerbread, when pretty holiday cards adorn our windowsills and bookshelves, and when we get a little bit crafty.

In this new LIKE Vancouver series, we invite a guest blogger to teach us how to do a fun and easy weekend project. Our first blogger is Leanna Maksymiuk who takes the mason jars that we all have in our pantry and creates holiday cheer out of them. Such a brilliant idea!

Winter Scenes Mason Jars

The Idea

This project came from a mish-mash of ideas that I was wanting to do. I originally had seen snow globe jars on Pinterest for putting gift cards in. I wanted to make those for the gift cards I am giving at Christmas but was nervous about putting expensive gift cards in water. Then I thought I would just make snow globes, but I heard that the green bristle trees I wanted to use lose their color in water so that wouldn’t work either. (They do by the way, I tried before bleaching out the white one.) Still wanting to make a snow globe type thing I made these.

DIY Winter Mason Jar

Step 1: My bristle brush trees had a ugly white plastic base that I didn’t want on top of my car. So I pulled it off and rolled up a little piece of brown felt to make the tree trunk and secured it with hot glue.

DIY Winter Mason Jar

Step 2: Hot glue your tree to the roof of your car. Using bakers twine or string tie the tree to the car. I wrapped the string around the wheels and then secured the string to the bottom of the car with hot glue.

DIY Winter Mason Jar

Step 3: Set up a little scene and play with your little car for way too long!

DIY Winter Mason Jar

Step 4: Place your car in the jar and add snow until it looks like just enough. Cut out a pretty piece of paper to cover the lid and screw the ring on.


Step 5: Place on the mantle, or on a bookshelf and enjoy!

I read that you can bleach these little trees so I tried and yes you can. It looks a little dingy white, but with a little dye can you imagine!? The little polar bear was from the small toy section in Michaels. I used an empty jar with water and a tablespoon or two of bleach to turn them white. I kept my eye on the trees and swirled them around in the water/bleach mixture until I liked the color.

DIY Winter Mason Jar
Polar bear delight.


Mason Jar winter scene
I love the cars and hunted through bags at the thrift store.
DIY Winter Mason Jar
The tractor is my favourite one of all. This one is for me!


The Materials

Depending on what you put in your jars, you can do this for under $4 a jar.

  1. Mason Jars: Local thrift store (not Value Village) .30 cents each with lids.
  2. Buffalo Snow: Michaels $2.99 with a 50% off coupon! one bag did all 11 jars, plus I still have some left.
  3. Deer, Mushrooms .60 each, .20 each respectively, from Scoop and Save which is a cake decorating store.
  4. Bristle Trees- Michaels has packs of 22 trees and with 50% off coupon I paid $16.
  5. Paper- I had in my stash
  6. Toy cars- local thrift store .25 cents


Guest blogger: Leanna Maksymiuk of The Awesome Advocates