Deighton Cup Betting Tips For Beginners & Ticket Giveaway

July 3, 2018
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The 10th Annual Deighton Cup on Saturday July 21st brings an afternoon of fun, fashion, cocktails, a delicious specially crafted food menu and, of course, heart-pounding horse races.

There is nothing wrong with choosing to sit back, spectate and utter a few cheers as pure bred horses gallop by, if it’s all you can muster. We think you can do better and we’ve got the tools to get you in the game for the Deighton Cup this year.

Photo credit: Jonathan Evans and Mark Lewis

Betting Tips from the Experts:

Read the favorites of the day:
Every paper, every form and every cheat sheet has opinions from the pros on picking the horse and best bets of the day. Pick up a copy of The Province or The Vancouver Sun and start reading. The pro or handicap expert is usually right on the money.

Look at the horse:
Experts and handicappers look at the horse. You can do this when they parade the horses before the race. Things to watch for:

  • Does the horse look well?
  • Is the horse behaving strange?
  • Does the horse look lethargic?

All these signs will give you indicators of how well the horse will perform.

Know the order of placing: Win / Place / Show
Win = 1st
If you wager to Win on your horse, you collect only if your horse finishes first.

Place = 1st or 2nd
If you wager to Place, your horse must finish first or second for you to collect. But remember, you don’t get the Win payoff, just the Place payoff, which is generally smaller than the Win payoff.

Show = 1st, 2nd or 3rd
If you wager to Show, your horse must finish first, second, or third. But remember, you only collect the Show payoff. You’ll win less money, but if your bet is a long shot, say 50-1, and you place, you can still win pretty big! So, placing a Show bet on a long shot is smart and can often pay well.

Learn to bet an exacta or exactor:
An Exactor bet is for the horse to come first and second or to win and show. Essentially this allows you to bet the favorite and a long shot. An exactor also pays well when it wins!

Watch the odds:
If the odds keep changing on the horse (for example: 25-1 and then 10 minutes later 5-1), then someone knows something you and the general public doesn’t. An expert or handicapper may get a tip and then drop a big bet that will change the odds.

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You’ve got until July 18th at midnight to win at life.