Just Yoga

When Madonna sang about striking a pose, we’re fairly certain she was talking about a yoga pose. (Wait, wasn’t she?) She also said that there’s nothing to it. Madge should know.

When you long to be something better than you are today, we know a place where you can get away: it’s called Just Yoga. The no-nonsense studio ditches any pretense associated with yoga as a “trend” and instead focuses on imparting the foundations that allow you to heal and strengthen your body while at the same time transforming your soul.

You won’t find any flow or power classes here. Instead teachers emphasize slowing down and working on more subtle levels during Hatha and Kundalini, Qigong and Yin classes. There are also monthly workshops, such as Sound Meditation, Healthy Eating and Ayurveda.

The studio, which is wheelchair accessible and welcomes those with disabilities, offers everything you might need, from eco-friendly mats to a shop that sells fairtrade goods and organic teas. If you’re new to the studio you can practice for a month for 55 bucks; others pay as little as $20 for a drop-in class. They even offer a wallet-friendly student and EI price—at Just Yoga, everyone can let their body go with the flow. All you need to bring is your dedication.

So don’t just stand there, let’s get to it.

What: Just Yoga
Neighborhood: Mount Pleasant
Address: 53 East Broadway

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