Long Weekend

Farm to table spa treatments


This summer, indulge all senses in a spa treatment that is cooling and refreshing by choosing one that has fruit. From mulberries to “noni” fruit to grapes to watermelon to oranges, the hotel spas below offer one-of-a-kind, farm-to-table spa treatments with fruit that each provide special antioxidants.

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Canada’s Best Public Art Installations

A-Maze-Ing Laughter by Yue Minjun. Flickr Photo by Kyle Wang.

Public art has the power to enhance awareness of our surroundings while actively transforming the environment in which we live. Here are some of our favourite sculptures, installations and streetscapes in cities across Canada, including pieces that have arrived to the city thanks to the Vancouver Biennale.

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5 Delicious Culinary Trips

The Cooking School at Four Seasons Chiang Mai

There’s no shortage of yoga classes and exfoliating massages featured in spa menus at hotels around the globe. But thanks to the emerging popularity of epicurean travel and the rise of adventurous dining (who said globalization was all bad?), destination spas and resorts from Chiang Mai to Cariboo are offering culinary programs where you’ll be slicing, dicing and learning to make killer dishes that are sure to impress friends back home.

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Canada’s Secret Hideaways

Rockwater Secret Cove Reort

Tucked away in all but forgotten fishing villages, surrounded by century old forests and pristine bays, these alluring inns and lodges are steeped in pastoral charms and offer nature-loving guests the opportunity to kayak among seals, hike or horseback ride to secluded picnic spots and swim in refreshing lakes.

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