On Stage

Night Cap at the Fox

Spinning with ease, Jason Samuels Smith. Photo: Allison Kuhl.

The first rainy day in weeks ushered in an eclectic crowd of young and old, half shaved heads and grey perms, Rockports, Birkenstocks, and Vans to Night Cap, a tap dancing and big band concert.

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Ballet School at the Media Club

Ballet School at the Media Club. Photo: Allison Kuhl.

Being just in time for a show can have benefits. Walking into the sparsely populated Media Club moments before adopted Berliners, Ballet School, started playing you only have a few moments to judge the high-waisted, horizontal-stripped shirts, and Blundstone wearing young’ens.

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José González at Imperial

Jose Gonzalez. Photo by Allison Kuhl.

In the seven years since we last heard from José González—as a solo artist anyway—the Swedish Argentine troubadour kept busy recording and touring with side-project, Junip, and contributing tracks to a movie sidetrack, among other things.

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