Feeling peckish? A guide of where to eat and drink in Vancouver.

Got a Sweet Tooth? Chef Thierry Makes It Easy To Treat Yourself


He’s making a list, and checking it twice… no, we’re not talking about Santa, we’re talking about Chef Thierry and his decadent collection of holiday inspired desserts We can’t begin to fathom what goes into each and every one of patissier Chef Thierry’s amazing desserts but we imagine there’s a fair amount of sugar, spice and everything nice on that shopping list of his.

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Tacofino Ocho Now Open in Mount Pleasant


Tacofino’s sixth brick-and-mortar spot, Ocho, makes mouths water and tummies taut with its unique Mount Pleasant menu. If you hablo un poco de español (translation: speak a little Spanish), you’ll know that ocho means eight, which playfully alludes to the street address of the newest member of the Tacofino family, Ocho.

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