Cannabis, Women and Sex

July 5, 2018
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Dosist is a targeted formula of cannabis that breaks barriers and is expanding to Canada to break even more.

Let’s talk about sex! Named one of Time Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2016 and based in San Francisco, dosist is a cannabis-based wellness company that plans to internationally revolutionize the reserved dialogue of sex, starting with Canada. With its commitment to research, government collaboration, education and awareness, dosist hopes to empower more women to talk about and practice cannabis with sex. Their products provide a precisely formulated boost of crafted cannabis to get ladies more in the mood and/or keep them in the mood.

Ladies have a lot on their minds and unwinding can be a chore when responsibilities keep invading their head space. This mental clusterfuck affects stress levels and thus, the ability to disconnect from the day, become present in the body, think desirable thoughts and most importantly, calm down before attempting climax. Women (and their partners) need to remember that the female brain connects to her reproductive organs, so a precise dose of dosist’s cannabis-in-a-pen can break down those stressful barriers that keep the female sex from engaging in that epic experience. That said, if your sex life happens to be off the charts, you can still feel your choice of blissful, calm, sleepy, relieved, aroused or passionate with one of dosist’s 6 specially-formulated pens. With a ratio of THC to CBD tailored to your needs, you can literally get your groove on at 2.25mg per dose.


And, with dosist, science does prevail. THC increases dopamine — a brain chemical that tells you what you like. It doesn’t always have to be a bag of M&Ms. With the right micro-dosage, it can decrease anxiety for better sleep, fight inflammation, elevate mood, increase focus, relieve pain and enhance libido. Studies show that those on cannabis practice more sex and find it more enjoyable. Sold. Thus, dosist brings cannabis and sex to a science; the only problem is, it will not be available in Canada due to legislation gaps. Sincere apologies for the reality bomb!

You can chill without the pill because there’s hope. With the legalization of marijuana on the horizon (October 17, 2018), dosist is working to expand Canada’s legislation to include vaporizers and concentrates (as in the USA) — through collaborative research with the Canadian government.

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