Meet Verde Vie, a Stylish Canadian Cannabis Lifestyle Brand

March 6, 2019
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Verde Vie, a Canadian cannabis lifestyle brand, is bringing a fresh, sophisticated approach to cannabis culture by aligning design and cannabis smoking with the ultimate starter kit.

Pot is legal. Now what? With the lifting of prohibition unfolding as you might expect – clunky government policy (take a look at the government cannabis warning labels), discombobulated dispensaries and the general public struggling to shake the ‘war on drugs’ dogma, we welcome Verde Vie, a cannabis lifestyle brand looking to write a new page in the cannabis culture narrative.

The folks at the Montreal-based Verde Vie are dismantling old-school pothead sensibilities with a direct-to-consumer model online and with an educative platform called ‘Stay Cultivated.’ Through these innovative platforms, pot connoisseurs can get in touch with products built and designed in collaborations with brands like Moon Bacon, Tusbota Pearl and Amber Vittoria.

We recommend getting fired up by ordering the starter kit that comes complete with rose gold scissors and grinder card and then browse the lifestyle & wellness products from brands, such as Jonathan Adler and Dr. Bronner, that are hand-picked and curated by the Verde Vie team.

Verde Vie is a blazing example of what consumers can now expect from front facing cannabis lifestyle brands, and that is something to celebrate. Perhaps it’s time to puff, puff, pass the old dirty scissors, grinder and papers to the bye bye bin and treat yourself to the future of slick, stylish cannabis use accoutrements.