The Art of Globemaking

April 2, 2015
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A century ago—long before the fine folk in Mountain View dreamed up Google Earth—globes were a symbol of class and style. Back then, well-crafted globes stood proudly in the libraries of grand estates and on the desks of important men and women. But in the 20th century globes fell out of favour and the craft of globemaking all but disappeared. Five years ago Peter Bellerby helped revive the art when, unable to find a suitable one to gift his dad on his 80th birthday, he set out to make a globe from scratch. His clients, such as Martin Scorsese who commissioned four for the movie Hugo, are drawn to Bellerby’s precision-crafted globes, each meticulously painted by hand. Bellerby and Co. also custom makes globes to specific taste and requirements.



Photos courtesy Ballerby and Co.