Axes and Ales: It’s Finally a Thing

March 20, 2018
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Evidence shows that practicing the art of axe-throwing can overcome stress — especially when craft beer is involved.

Ready to unleash the warrior within? Well, now is your chance. Red Truck Beer has allied with the Axewood Crew to host the Vancouver Axes & Ales Axe Throwing Nights. This crew of axemen are aces in the art and they will do everything in their power to get you throwing tomahawks like ninja stars — no skills required.

The Axewood Crew set up their on-site and outdoor axe-throwing cage to train the ultra beginners and challenge the extreme experts. Until April 25th, you can throw unlimitedly every Wednesday from 6:00pm – 8:00pm for just fifteen bucks (FYI, that’s normally the cost of ten throws)! Did we lose you at outdoor? Worry not. Heaving medieval weaponry at bullseyes generates the body heat you need to keep you in perfect axe-throwing form. And, the Axewood Crew is sure to get you addicted to the sport so that you’ll be laughing in the face of Vancouver weather — like a true axe warrior.

And since heathen is the new hipster in this game, hurling hatchets is the perfect way to get in that upper body workout after work. Overhead thrusts and side-arm swings will become your new Instagram poses and by the end of the season, you’ll be ready for any Middle Earth battle.

“We love what the Axewood Crew is doing,” said Brian Fong, Red Truck Beer Director of Marketing. “We’re really stoked to be able to host the Axes and Ales Axe Throwing League for all those thirsty axe throwers.”

In between bouts, Red Truck Beer invites players to feast from the robust menu at their Truck Stop Diner; the benefits are too great to decline. So, before the journey home, join your fellow axe mates at a communal table for some serious satiation and a pint or two of the legendary blackberry bourbon craft beer. All warriors welcome.