LaFerrari, A Hybrid Supercar Like No Other

September 13, 2015
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Walk into the Ferrari Maserati of Vancouver showroom and the first thing you’ll see is a white LaFerrari, the Italian company’s limited edition supercar. It sits right there in the middle of the spacious floor, staring at you – ostentatiously out of reach, physically and financially.


LaFerrari (aka Ferrari 150) is the first ‘mild hybrid‘ from the Italian automakers. Word on the street is you must own two “regular” Ferraris and have an Enzo in your quiver before you are given permission to part with $1.5 mil. That’s right, three Ferrari’s deep before you get the OK. Presumably, this level of exclusivity might keep the car out of the hands of those who will use its mid-rear mounted V12, 6.3 litre, 950 horsepower, 0 to 60 in under 3 seconds performance specs for evil deeds. If you’re like us, you probably don’t have three Ferraris sitting in your driveway. That’s OK. Until you do, you can head down to the Vancouver dealership for a closer look.

When you compare the price tag on LaFerrari to the wide range of new and used Ferraris and Maseratis in the showroom, you might just be able to justify the splurge on any car besides the LaFerrari – perhaps the Ferrari 488 GTB? And if not, sit back, fire up the imagination and scroll through the breathtaking photos here.

Life is a beautiful thing. You’ll always remember your first, or the birth of your first child. Go ahead and add to the list casting your eyes on the world’s sexiest Ferrari for the first time.

Photos: Allison Kuhl

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