Alicia Ostroff

Love the SKN You’re In


Put your best face forward with help from the team at SKN It’s hot, damn hot! And as much as us Vancouver folk desperately love basking in the long-awaited sunshine as we cycle, beach, hike, yoga and drink the days away, this is a season when our skin is just as thirsty as we are.

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Capture Photography Festival


Capture Photography Festival showcases cutting-edge art in over 100 galleries all over the lower mainland. There are so many spaces that you can literally just wander around the city on your way to brunch or for a cocktail with friends and stumble upon outdoor public installations on billboards and sides of buildings emblazoned with innovative images.

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Strathcona Beer Co.


Nestled in Yeast Van, Strathcona Beer Company stands out as a community driven space set to be a neighbourhood favourite. Hailed by a bright red namesake sign, a nod to the iconic neon that is an emblem of Hastings Street in the day, Strathcona Beer Company honours the ‘hood they’re in.

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