Kyubu Market Opens in Strathcona

September 13, 2017
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The Kyubu Market launched by local creatives in the artists haven of Strathcona, is a seven-by-seven foot cube – a little box in a big box world.

On Saturday, September 9th, Vancouver’s lovers of all things crafty celebrated the opening of Strathcona’s tiniest artisan shop. The Kyūbu​ ​Market (pronounced kyo͞o bo͞o märkət), launched by local creatives Jen Yamasaki and Gloria Kang.

“We created the kyub out of a desire to connect people to a community of incredible artists and makers,” said Yamasaki. “It was meant to be a small box of artisan goods made by outside-the-box thinkers. We thank our lucky pigeons that everything came together so splendidly.”

The kyub exists, more specifically, in a slightly bigger box called MakerLabs at 780 East Cordova Street and is open every day from 12–9 p.m. If you’re into browsing Vancouver-made clothing, jewelry, bath and beauty products, home-ware, and pottery, take an afternoon to drop into the kyub.

Sure, you could poke around online, but then you’d forgo the scent of sake-infused soap and the feeling of pressed linens – oh, and the bragging rights (and Instagram stories) that come with spending a Sunday afternoon not doing laundry or watching Netflix, but at an adorable cube boutique. Rainy season is coming up, folks.

Some of the featured art was meant to be felt not with the fingers, but by the tongue: Annie Tung, named Western Living’s Industrial Designer of the Year, showcased her “Love Spoons” at the launch party – silver serving spoons stamped with erotic poetry in braille. While visitors of the kyub may no longer get access to Saturday’s champaign or kettle-corn, there’s surely a sensory experience for everyone.

Photos: Kevin McBride