Cereal Killers: Crunchtime Cereal Popup Bar

September 10, 2016
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There you are, standing in the supermarket aisle about to make a wise choice. A healthy choice. You reach for it, the box with the words whole grain, organic, fiber, and/or less sugar. And then you hear that little voice again.

Arghhh not that one! Get the fun cereal!

If you’re a parent, that voice is probably IRL: that’s your kid talking some sense into you, telling you to live a little. If you don’t have kids, well, then that’s the voice of your childhood. Remember childhood? When things were fun and you gave Zero Fucks about things like calories and fiber. Either way, you should listen to that little voice. You should listen and go enjoy a bowl of cereal as pure and fun as childhood used to be. Because YOLO, amirite?

Crunchtime Cereal Bar is a pop-up breakfast bar in Gastown that for two days will serve domestic favourites and select imported cereals from overseas. They’ll have all the forbidden fruits, except they won’t be actual fruit but more like any flavor you want, including tropical fruit, chocolate, cinnamon. Got milk? Yeah, they’ll have that in four wholesome varieties (regular, almond, soy, chocolate) and all the toppings you can shake a tea spoon at. Sprinkles? They got that. Chocolate chips? Yup. Gummy bears? You bet your sweet tooth they’ll have gummy bears.

All pop-up proceeds will go to local charity Backpack Buddies, which supplies hungry schoolchildren with food during non-school hours.

What: Milk Creative Communications Present Crunchtime Cereal Bar
Where: 311 West Cordova Street, Gastown
When: Saturday, October 1 & Sunday, October 2, 8am – 6pm
@crunchtimecerealbar on Instagram